Brownbanded bamboo shark

Brownbanded bamboo shark

Chiloscyllium punctatum

Order: Orectolobiformes | Family: Hemiscylliidae

This is a small shark that lives on the seabed and inhabits the coral reefs and coasts of the western Indo-Pacific, from Australia to India and Japan. This shark is oviparous. It is quite popular in the aquarium scene due to its simple needs and tolerance to habitat changes, especially hypoxia (low oxygen levels in water).

It leads a nocturnal life, spending its days hidden in the nooks of coral reefs. Although sexual dimorphism is not especially apparent, the male can still be easily distinguished from the female by the presence of the clasper, composed of two elongated structures formed from pelvic fin parts.

Research conducted by the Steinhart Aquarium in California revealed that females can store the male’s sperm for a long period of time, making delayed fertilization possible. Juveniles have distinct black and white stripes on their bodies, which match the coral reef structures and serve as camouflage. These stripes are no longer visible in adults.

These sharks live up to approximately 25 years. Destructive fishing methods and habitat destruction threaten the population of this species.

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