The tickets may be bought:

  • at the ticket office before entering the Aquarium (ticket offices close half an hour before closing the exhibition. Payments can be made by card or in cash).
  • at If tickets are no longer available in the online shop for the selected day, they can still be purchased on the spot at the cash desk.

Standard tickets

Type of ticket 1.05 -31.08 1.09 - 30.04
Regular 35 zł 30 zł
children from the 5th birthday, pupils and university students under 26, pensioners
25 zł 22 zł
Persons with disabilities
Mind that access to the museum's Baltic Chamber on the third floor of the building is not adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities.
15 zł 15 zł

Free of charge tickets are granted to children until the 5th birthday.

Verification of the right to discounted admission takes place before entering the exhibition.

Family tickets

The offer for families with children from 5 to 18 years old.

Children until the 5th birthday are entitled to free admission (free admission card is to be collected at the ticket office).

Family tickets 1.05 -31.08 1.09 - 30.04
2 adults + 1 child 85 zł 75 zł
2 adults + 2 children 95 zł 85 zł
2 adults + 3 children 105 zł 95 zł
2+4 and more When calculating the cost of the ticket, the price of the 2 + 3 family ticket (PLN 105) should be supplemented with PLN 15 for each additional child. When calculating the cost of the ticket, the price of a 2 + 3 family ticket (PLN 95) should be supplemented with the amount of PLN 15 for each additional child.

For more children, the cost of appropriate discount ticket should be included in calculation of the family ticket.

Group tickets

“A group” is defined as a number of people participating in a trip organized by schools, educational institutions, tourist offices, employers, organizations etc., that is considered as one subject by the service provider.

Group tickets 1.05 -31.08 1.09 - 30.04
Regular 35 PLN per person 30 PLN per person
Discount 25 PLN per person 22 PLN per person
Disabled 15 PLN per person 15 PLN per person

Admission is free for each chaperone per 10 group members.
Additionally, in the period May – June, organized groups (over 15 people) are entitled to a 10% discount, and from September to April a 20% discount.

Annual Personal Ticket – 100 zł

Authorizes to any number of free admissions to the Gdynia Aquarium and is valid for 365 days, counting from the day of purchase at the Gdynia Aquarium ticket office.
In order to use the Annual Ticket, each time a free admission card is to be collected at the ticket office of the Gdynia Aquarium with an Annual Ticket with a photo ID.

Free Admission Card

A free admission card is collected at the ticket office, upon presentation of a document entitling to free entry.
Free admission is granted to:
– Children until the 5th birthday,
– Group chaperones, when one chaperone is in charge of 10 people,
– Guardians of persons with disabilities,
– Zoo workers,
– PTTK guides,
– PTTK leaders,
People using occasional free admission.

Educational classes

Note! Classes are provided only upon previous booking: or by phone +48 58 732 66 20

Special offers

Gdynia Aquarium’s Friend Card

Gdynia Aquarium’s Friend Card receives a person who will make a one-time purchase of admission tickets at the Gdynia Aquarium ticket office for a minimum of 100 zł. The card entitles you to a 10% discount on the purchase of each subsequent admission ticket to the Gdynia Aquarium. The discount is valid for one year. The offer does not apply to groups.

Additional discounts from May to June

10% discount for all organized groups (over 15 people)

20% discount with Gdansk Tourist Card

Gdansk Tourist Card is a package of discounts and free entries to museums, cultural institutions and restaurants, suited to the owners needs. It can be topped up with Metropolitan Transportation Ticket and to travel freely all over Tricity using public transportation.

You get 20% discount on a ticket to the Gdynia Aquarium Gdynia by choosing packages:
• Transportation
• Family & fun
• Sightseeing
More about the card:

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