The visit regulations

We encourage you to read full visit rgulations. Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, it had to be modified.
Points that we would like you to pay attention to are listed below:

  • In the entire area of ​​the Gdynia Aquarium, it is obligatory to cover the nose and mouth (it does not apply only to children under 4 years of age).
  • After entering the Gdynia Aquarium, you should disinfect your hands with the liquid found at the entrance gates.
  • Do not touch the display elements, including showcases, glass panes, and refrain from putting your hands into open display tanks.
  • You should keep at least 2-meter social distance from people you meet during the tour.
  • The limit of people staying within the exhibition is 175 people.
  • The ticket offices and the entrance to the Gdynia Aquarium are closed 30 minutes before closing the facility.
  • The Aquarium can be visited only individually.
  • The purchased tickets are single-use and non-refundable.
  • We recommend purchasing tickets online. Tickets can be purchased at: 30 days in advance.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by adults.
  • Gdynia Aquarium is not responsible for children left unattended.
  • Persons who are entitled to discounted / reduced / free tickets must have an appropriate document confirming their entitlement.
  • Persons entitled to free admission are required to generate an entry card in the Gdynia Aquarium online store or to collect it at the Aquarium ticket office.
  • Gdynia Aquarium should be visited in accordance with the applicable direction and the visiting order given by the staff.
  • In justified cases, for example in order to disinfect the surface, there may be changes in the dates of the availability of the exhibition, temporary shutdown of its part and interruption of the provided services.
  • The cloakroom and deposit lockers remain out of use until further notice. Baby carriages can be left only in places designated by the service.
  • The rental of multimedia guides is suspended until further notice.
  • Taking pictures and filming with a flash and / or a tripod in rooms with live animals is prohibited.
  • Photographing and filming for commercial purposes requires the consent of the Gdynia Aquarium.