NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium

Young Sea Explorer Club

The Young Sea  Explorer Club gathers children and young people under 16 who are interested in the beauty of the underwater world. Membership in the Club gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, participate in dedicated educational games and a unique opportunity to learn more about the work of an aquarist.

Membership Rules


I. Structure of the Club

1. “The Young Sea  Explorer Club” was brought to life to promote knowledge of the seas.

2. The seat of the club is located in the building of the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium at al. Jana Pawła II 1, 81-345 Gdynia.

3. The Club’s work is managed by employees the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium.

4. The club started its activity on January 30, 2011.

II. Membership

1. A person who is under 16 may become a member of the Club.

2. The date of starting membership in the Club is the day of completing the club card, available after buying an admission ticket to the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium.

3. At each subsequent visit to the Gdynia Aquarium, Club Members obtain another stamp on the club card.

4. Członkowie “Klubu Młodego Odkrywcy Mórz” czynnie uczestniczą w życiu codziennym Akwarium Gdyńskiego MIR-PIB, podejmując stawiane przez Klub zadania, za które zdobywają określoną ilość pieczątek, umieszczanych na karcie klubowej.

5. Information on tasks and special events for club members will be posted on the website of the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium: www.akwarium.gdynia.pl and at Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Akwarium-Gdynskie/123560581018651

6. The tasks set for club members will not always involve the arrival at the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium.
In the case of tasks carried out outside the Gdynia Aquarium, members will be notified of the date of application for the stamp.

7. The Club Card has an annual expiry date.

8. After a year, Club members replace the card with a new one. Club cards can be exchanged at the ticket office of the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium.

9. The club member obtains the first stamp by visiting the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium, which involves buying an admission ticket and filling out the club card.

10. Club members, after collecting a certain number of stamps, are invited to special events organized exclusively for Club members or use the opportunity to visit the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium free of charge on a date of their choice.

11. Club members on their birthday, after presenting the club card, have free access to the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium MIR-PIB.

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