Save the Sea Project

In July 2019 the Gdynia Aquarium MIR-PIB and the Foundation for the Development of the Gdynia Aquarium began cooperation with Amber Girl as part of the Save the Sea project. The goal of our cooperation is to raise funds for the purchase of the Seabin device for cleaning Marina Gdynia’s water from solid waste, mainly plastic, and surface pollution. After purchasing and installing the device, the Gdynia Aquarium Education Center will introduce practical educational classes on plastic pollution of the ocean. One of the elements of the classes will be to go outside to empty the Seabin device and to examine what garbage and in what quantity was collected by the device. In addition, garbage removed from Marina Gdynia will be weighted on an ongoing basis, and information on how many kilograms of garbage has been extracted thanks to this project will be available on the website of the Gdynia Aquarium MIR-PIB and in posts published on social media.

Fundraising for our project is done by selling a silver bracelet Save the Sea designed and sold by Amber Girl. The bracelet is made of high quality 925 silver and a rPET string produced from recycled plastic bottles and other consumer post and industrial PET waste. The main silver element of the bracelet refers to the coat of arms of Gdynia and is designed to unite everyone interested in the fate of the Baltic Sea. In addition to financial support for the purchase of a Seabin device, the bracelet is also educational. By creating a recognizable symbol of social responsibility, we can contribute to the development of ecological awareness not only in the target group, but also outside of it. The bracelet itself and the packaging (glass bottle filled with amber, wooden chips, cardboard box and ecological protective envelopes) are consistent with the idea of ​​the design. The bracelet will be sold via the Amber Girl website. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Gdynia Aquarium Development Foundation for the purchase of the Seabin device.

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