Midas cichlid

Amphilophus citrinellus

The Midas cichlid belongs to the cichlid family (Cichlidae) – freshwater fish (except for one marine species). Most species of this family resemble perch – a stocky body, slightly jagged. As the family name suggests, these are fish that are characterized by exceptional care for offspring. Also interesting are their adaptations in terms of seeking a partner for reproduction. Among this family we will find various sizes, shapes and colors. The range of occurrence of some species is limited to one lake (strongly developed endemism).

This freshwater fish in natural conditions usually has a less colorful coloration, however, most of them are bright orange and orange-red. Males appear with a tumor on the forehead, which indicates age and position in the herd. Cichlids reach a size of 25 cm. Couples of cichlids diligently guard their eggs and later offspring. While the female is guarding them, the male attacks every intruder who approaches them.

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