Black long spine urchin

Diadema setosum

The Black long spine urchin is mainly found in shallow waters from 1 to 6 m, however it has been observed at depths up to 70 m. It lives on various types of soil, most often on rocky shores and dying coral reefs. It feeds on small algae, which it scrapes with five chisel teeth placed in the mouth opening on the underside of the body. This species has characteristic sharp spines ending with venom glands. On the dorsal side of the sea urchin an anus is placed, marked with interesting colours. Despite their inhospitable appearance, spines are a haven for animals. Razorfishes suspended in water vertically, head down, thus protect themselves from larger predators. A prick of a spike causes a very painful wound and an itchy rash. These symptoms disappear after a few hours, but removing spines from the skin is very difficult, while leaving residue can cause infection.

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