Aquatic Animals of the World

The Aquatic Animals of the World is the first of the exhibitions presenting animals that started their lives in the Gdynia Aquarium. It is often called the dark room because of its dim light. This darkening is necessary – the animals in this exhibition inhabit the depths of the ocean – the waters of the Atlantic, North Pacific and Indo-Pacific.

Among 19 tanks, 5 stand out, which due to their characteristic shape are called “shoes”. This form allows to better observe the animals living near the bottom. They are, for example, marbled sharks, which we successfully bred in the Gdynia Aquarium.

At least a few shark species can be found in the Aquatic Animals of the World exhibition. However, they do not resemble the characters of the infamous “Jaws”, hence in this exhibition we particularly encourage you to read the descriptions located by the tanks.


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