Kashubia on the wave 2017

Kashubia on the wave 2017

Classes co-financed by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.
Age group: preschoolers, primary school students
Cost: free
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The “Kaszuby on the wave” project, co-funded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, is a unique form of natural-language education. In the regional Kashubian language, participants learn about the marine environment. The Kashubian mentality was influenced by the presence of lakes, forests and the sea. Fisheries were – apart from agriculture – a leading occupation of the Kashubian population. That is why it is so important to educate younger generations and to raise awareness of the threats to Baltic fauna and flora caused by human activities.

“Learn to keep” is the slogan of this project. By learning the language, culture, and the world around us, we build a sense of responsibility for the sustainability of our cultural heritage.

Classes are performed by a Kashubian teacher and a specialist responsible for the correctness of the biological content. The Kashubian-Pomeranian Association is our partner in this project.

Classes booking: +48 587 326 620
Project coordinator: Mirosława Raczkowska | +48 587 326 624 | e-mail:mira@mir.gdynia.pl

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