Education Room

The Education Room is the oldest of all exhibition halls of the Gdynia Aquarium and is located on the second floor of our building. There are museum collections here, which are a reminder of the rich history of the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, of which the Aquarium is part of to this day. One of the characteristic points of this room is the Atlantic sturgeon, once the largest representative of our native ichthyofauna. It reached a length of 4 m and weight up to 300 kilograms. This species has existed on earth for millions of years, but could not resist overfishing. At the turn of the century, it almost completely disappeared from our waters. The specimen presented in the Gdynia Aquarium was caught at the Vistula estuary in 1972 and it is believed that it was the last specimen of this species that occurred in Polish waters.

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