Meeting with the Baltic Sea

Topic proposed in the period from April to September. The first part of the class is a 30-minute multimedia presentation “What lives in the Baltic Sea – a walk on the beach”, during which children learn what animals they may encounter on the beach during an ordinary walk, what lives in the coastal waters of the Baltic. The second part, also 30 minutes long, is an exit to the waterfront, near the Gdynia Aquarium with nets – landing nets. In this part of the classes, children under the care of a lecturer fish coastal organisms, which then, after returning to the Aquarium, watch in the laboratory. Work in the laboratory lasts another 30 minutes. Children using magnifying glasses and binoculars watch caught specimens and previously prepared biological material, recognize Baltic shrimps and mussels. During classes, children complete prepared work cards. The conditions for conducting field classes are appropriate weather. In the event of exceptionally unfavorable weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the field part of the classes and exchange laboratory classes.

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