Gdynia Aquarium does not reserve tickets.


Normal ticket

Price: 24 zł
A ticket for a person over 18.

Discount ticket

Price: 16 zł
It’s available for children over 4 years old, primary school students, junior high and middle school students, students under 26 years old, pensioners. Verification of the entitlement to the discounted admission takes place before entering the exhibition. Discount tickets are also available to persons with disabilities. Caretakers of disabled people visit the exhibition free of charge. During the temporary failure of the lift, the cost of the ticket for the persons with disabilities is 12 zł.

Family tickets

Offer addressed to families visiting the Gdynia Aquarium. The offer includes children between 5 and 18 years old. Children up to 4 years old are entitled to free admission (free admission ticket is required).
2 (adults) + 1 (child) = 56,00 zł
2 (adults) + 2 (children) = 64,00 zł
2 (adults) + 3 (children) = 72,00 zł
Every another child gets the discount ticket (16 zł).

Annual Name Ticket

Price: 75 zł
Offer addressed to adults visiting the Gdynia Aquarium. The Annual Name Ticket entitles the person who purchases it to any number of free tours to the Gdynia Aquarium throughout a given year. The ticket is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and entitles to receive a free admission ticket at the Gdynia Aquarium. The condition to enter the Gdynia Aquarium for free is to show the Annual Name Ticket and ID with a photo.

Gdynia Aquarium Friend’s Ticket

Discount ticket can be obtained after a one-time purchase for a minimum of 80,00 zł. The card entitles to a 10% discount on each subsequent ticket to the Gdynia Aquarium. The offer does not apply to organized groups.

Discount for groups (April – September)

On the first and third Wednesday of each month we offer free admission for pensioners, children and children from care centers (based on the list confirmed by the given center). During this period all organized groups (over 15 people) receive a 20% discount.

Organised group

An organized group is a group of people who participate in a trip organised by educational institutions, schools, carers, travel agencies, workplaces, organsations, etc., which is a single entity for the service provider.

Free admission

To access the exhibition free of charge, you must obtain free entry ticket at the cash desk. Free admission is offered to:

  1. Children under the age of 4,
  2. Guardians of groups, when 1 guardian falls on 10 charges,
  3. Carers of persons with physical and mental disabilities,
  4. Employees of zoos,
  5. PTTK Guides,
  6. PTTK Executives.