Gdynia: Baltic home and it’s inhabitants

Classes financed by the Gdynia Municipality
Type of classes: Education through play
Educational space: Pre-school room
Maximum number of participants: 30
Classes duration: 60 min.
Age level: public preschools (4-6 years old)
The cost of the classes: free

The lesson is focused on the biological diversity of the Baltic Sea, the characteristics of its present inhabitants and the role that selected representatives of the Baltic fauna and flora play in our sea. Activities in the form of drama allow participants to take the role of the Baltic space inhabitants. Using the child’s natural tendency to imitate, enhances child’s intellectual, emotional and motor activity. It strengthens social relationships, and a sense of co-responsibility for nature. What adventures are waiting for children during these classes? Among others, forming a shoal in an emergency, transforming into a seaside bird, escaping from a predator, resting at the bottom of the sea as a flatfish, searching for shelters in the face of a storm as small fish …

Other topics for the Gdynia City inhabitants: