Wolf eel

Anarrhichthys ocellatus

The Wolf eel is a fish of the perch-shaped species of the Anarhichadidae family. It is a family of fish with an elongated body and uncommon “beauty”. They do not have a swim bladder. The dorsal fin extends throughout the animal’s body.  Their jaws are equipped with long teeth that allow them to feed on organisms protected by hard structures, e.g. crabs or sea urchins. They reaches a length of up to 2.4 m and a weight of up to 18.4 kg. They have a cylindrical long body with a stretched dorsal fin equal to the body, which has flexible rays. They are also equipped with an anal fin, a single pair of nostrils, and sharp teeth. The lateral line is very well developed. The Wolf eel occurs in the vast territory of the northern Pacific Ocean. It is a calm fish. When it is not provoked, it does not attack. Cracks in the rocks are its favorite shelter. Activity increases at night.

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