What’s in the atmosphere?

Type of classes: laboratory
Number of participants: 28
Cost of classes: 175 zł
Duration: 90 min.
Educational space: Multimedia Room of Marine Ecology, Biological Laboratory, World Ocean Workshop

Type of classes: Experimental classes
Educational space: Cinema Room, Experimental Water Laboratory
Maximum number of participants: 24
Classes duration: 60
Level: middle school, upper secondary school
Cost: 175 zł

Classes consist of 3 parts. Part one – multimedia presentation, provides basic information on the structure and composition of the atmosphere and its processes: the formation of the acid rain, ozone hole, the existence of a greenhouse effect. Presentations are complementary to the demonstration classes, during which participants take part in experiments depicting the greenhouse effect, acid rain and the use of wind power to generate electricity. The final part of the class is a film entitled “When the oceans become more acidic”. Parts 2 and 3 are held in small groups of 10-12 persons. Educational materials are provided.

Other subjects of experimental classes:

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