We know ecology

We begin our classes with a multimedia projection, during which we tell children about ecology, the protection of Baltic and recycling. We also listen to the sounds of water and try to recognize them. Then, through the means of education through play, we start fishing. This way children catch trash from the bottom of the Baltic Sea and learn to segregate them. “Painted Crayon” is an exercise in which young participants become artists. They are awaited by puzzles, contests and water quizes. Classes end with a solemn vow of “Young Ecologist”, after which each child receives DIPLOMA. Remember to bring your camera with you! We will be setting a joint, merry group photo 😉

Type of classes: Education through play
Number of participants: 30 students
Duration: 50 min.
Age group: children of age 4-6
Cost: 175 zł
Classroom: Kindergarten
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