Water chemistry – analytical laboratory

Type of classes: laboratory
Number of participants: 28
Cost of classes: 175 zł
Duration: 90 min.
Educational space: Multimedia Room of Marine Ecology, Biological Laboratory, World Ocean Workshop

Classes consist of 2 parts. The first part is a multimedia presentation discussing the basic parameters that can be determined in environmental waters: ammonia, nitrates (III), nitrates (V), phosphates (V), salinity, general hardness. Part two – laboratory classes last 60 minutes. classes are conducted in 4 groups. During class, the class means 6 parameters in 2 types of samples: Baltic freshwater aquarium. The summary part of the class allows to discuss the results and indicates the sources of irregularities. Examples of concepts introduced during classes: eutrophication, general hardness, osmotic water, nitrification, salinometer.

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