To the water aid – water properties and ways to treat it

Type of classes: laboratory
Number of participants: 28
Cost of classes: 175 zł
Duration: 90 min.
Educational space: Multimedia Room of Marine Ecology, Biological Laboratory, World Ocean Workshop

Type of classes: Experimental classes
Educational space: Cinema Room, Eksperymentalna Pracownia Wody
Maximum number of participants: 24
Classes duration: 80
Level: middle school, upper secondary school
Cost: 175 zł

Classes consist of 3 parts. Part one – multimedia presentation, illustrates the general properties of water, its resources in the world, its source of pollution, treatment methods with emphasis on the reduction in water hardness and desalination with reverse osmosis filters. Parts 2 and 3 are run in small groups of 10-12 persons. Part 2 – demonstration classes – complement the knowledge of water treatment in the above mentioned ways, and participants take part in experiments. Part 3 consists of individual activities. Educational materials are provided.

Other subjects of experimental classes:

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