Baltic fauna and flora – field activities

“Baltic fauna and flora” is a topic addressed to people from 11 years of age. It includes a 30-minute multimedia presentation and 30-minute laboratory classes using binoculars and magnifying glasses. During the presentation, students become familiar with the characteristics of the Baltic Sea, physical and chemical conditions, as well as the flora and fauna of the reservoir. During the presentation, basic ecological concepts are introduced. The laboratory aims to systematize the issues learned. It is also an opportunity for students to work independently. In this part of the course, participants complete educational materials. In the period from April to September it is possible to include a field part, during which young people collect biological material under the care of the teacher. Collected specimens are used during classes. The conditions for introducing the workshop part are appropriate weather. In the event of exceptionally unfavorable weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the field part of the classes and exchange laboratory classes.

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